The Buckland Historical Society’s Hilltown Legacy Tree Project (HLTP) seeks to conserve traditionally significant tree species and woody plant communities in Buckland, MA and adjacent hilltowns of Western Franklin County.

Whereas many tree species that have played a significant role in the socio-economic history of New England are in decline, threatened, or virtually extinct due to pest infestation, disease, or other causes, and traditionally scenic byways and plant communities of social, ecological, and historic significance are at risk of being lost, it is the mission of the HLTP to steward existing and future trees of such esteem so as to conserve their place in our community in order that future generations may enjoy their many benefits.

The Hilltown Legacy Tree Project’s objectives are to:

  1. Caretake existing trees of traditional significance
  2. Expand the population of traditional, native tree species through planting, monitoring and maintenance of new roadside tree installations
  3. Engage multi-generational stewardship teams to co-operatively manage street tree health
  4. In rural areas and forested landscapes, maintain the integrity of our scenic New England byways and non-timber forest product –generating species (i.e. maple -syrup, chestnut-nuts, oak – mushroom growing, fir/spruce boughs, tips and trees for holiday decorating etc.) via forest stewardship management planning and vista conservation
  5. Promote the transfer of scientific and social technology regarding the care of trees in both urban and rural ecosystems
  6. Partner with the town Tree Warden(s) to grow the community’s tree-care program

May 8. 2009

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